Friday, June 19, 2009

How to make your blog unique

Article by: ~David Cowgill
Founder, eBlog Templates

Having a unique design for your blog can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to have made by a professional designer.

Most people that I know (including myself) don't want to spend that sort of money and end up searching Google for free blogger templates (isn't that how you found eBlog Templates in the first place? :-) ).

Well now that you've got your nice free template, it's time to customize it so you've got a unique blog, right? Easier said that done.

One of the top questions people ask me on eBlog Templates is, "David, how can I create a beautiful header image on my blog?". It's a good question because everyone wants a unique blog and any template that you end up using, isn't personalized for you.

Sure, the template usually looks good (that's why you downloaded it in the first place) but you just aren't satisfied until you can get a design just for you or your business.

After having to answer this question literally dozens of times through email and responding to comments, I decided to write a detailed article on my recommendations. People's feedback has been great and it's amazing what some have done to their blogs. Now I invite you to try the same and impress me with your creativity.

The article includes several free blogger header image sites and also a few pay for image sites. If you can find something for free, then great. If not, then you at least have some more options to choose from.

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