Sunday, August 2, 2009

LOL Get this one = well dah! is charging $40 for each URL review.

OR: Pricing:
•We make submissions at the cost of 14 cents per directory submission. This means, an order placed for 100 submissions would cost you just $14. This is a one-time, all inclusive fee. There are no hidden or recurring costs involved.

But: Save Precious Time in Getting Quality One-Way Links
Benefit from our experience of over 5,000,000 submissions oh please
There is a 24 page list of their submission targets. Hmmm. . . . I suspect something rotten in India here, but then maybe I am wrong.

Google says do not use submissions services, automated anyway.

Some advice: Beware of some sites that offer you submission to "350" directories or listings for money. They provide you with a list of hundreds of directories that "they" will submit your site and get you a listing. What I found from testing them is that most of the directories that they show you can be bogus, not there, charge for submission or a list of free url submission sites that are google ads that they are getting paid on. I don't have a problem (obviously) with google ads, but to trick you into clicking through to find the "free" submission is down right unethical.


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