Monday, August 3, 2009

Good Points Inspire

While doing a bit of research I ran across a Hub Page Title: Fifty ways to bring traffic to your website and blog. After reading the list, which had suggestive notes, I read the comments which were all pretty positive until the last one by someone named Thomas and I quote: "Your SEO tips are what people think are what needs to be done, but you're wrong, sorry.

It seems as though all you did was copy and paste a bunch of stuff and you have no idea what it means.

Alt tags in images? - No, worthless to search results

Proper SEO means 'making some adjustments' to your site? - No, SEO is a full time job, not a wave of a magic wand

Submit to search engines? - No, waste of time unless by this you mean submitting a proper sitemap

Link exchange? - No, takes too long to get each link and they normally amount to nothing worthwhile. Reciprocal linking is dead.

Here's some things you said that are true, but you don't know why they are true do you?

Organised internal linking? YES, but what does it mean?

Using sitemaps? YES, but what is a proper sitemap and what do you do with it?

Using robots.txt? YES! But how? Why? What is a 'robots.txt'?

You're not giving the reader anything useful, just spitting out keywords to get clicks."


I'm not sure why Thomas had such a gritty tone but I get his point. I would guess he is an underworked, broke SEO.

With so many people trying so hard to "be seen" on the web; who's funds are at a minimum, it is a good time to ask How, and Why and What is. Since this blog is dedicatied to the "technically challenged" I think it would be a good time to start explaining some of these things. But not at this minute, I have two deadlines to meet!

But first I want to thank Thomas for great things to write about so I can save everyone that reads my posts some time and money!!


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