Sunday, August 9, 2009

Success = Dig in and Do It

This morning while reading my email subscriptions from those who are "in the know" category, I came upon a well said statement from "ProBlogger". A statement worthy of passing on, unfortunately most of what I read is so redundant I wouldn't dream of passing on, anyway:

"The Internet makes it very easy for people to do favors for each other. Go meet everyone you can. One morning, you might receive an email from someone who thinks you are worth more than you do. When they tell you that, don’t argue.

Go go go.



Don’t look back

Don’t second guess.

You’re not the passenger, you’re the driver.

Refuse to deal with life. Make it deal with you."

Building confidence over a lifetime of "been there done that" means that we've tried, success or failure, we've tried. But we forget some of those successes when we fall flat on our faces. I don't see the take charge attitudes I once saw in people I meet online or offline. Hard work pays off as well as persistence, determination and of course the never give up attitude.

What I see to much of today is people with their hand out wanting someone else to do the work and they take the reward. I believe that is why all the "get rich quick" scams are so successful. The highway to happiness, speed to your dream destination can cost a bundle resulting in nothing but an empty wallet.

There are no short cuts and unfortunately there is little desire to take time, research, learn, attempt, etc. Whatever we do we need to share and build each other up. If someone gives you a meaningful compliment accept it and glow!

That being said I would like to thank all the people who have given me their kind words, compliments, and the like. You encourage me everyday and I sincerely hope at least some of the offerings in this blog help you.

That is why WebSitesWork! and so do,,, as well as my other websites and blogs. (But I just can't find the time to tweet.)


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