Saturday, July 18, 2009

Traffic - Traffic Falling? No Traffic:

Check out Google Trends, you can learn about the trend of your market. Becasue I am a Home Based Jeweler I checked In an effort to promote traffic and sales of Handcrafted Jewelry on I checked the "trend" of handcrafted jewelry and this is what I found:

Google states: "Trends scales the first term you’ve entered so that its average search traffic in the chosen time period is 1.0; subsequent terms are then scaled relative to the first term. Note that all numbers are relative to total traffic."

Checking Jewelry the trend shows:

basically the same trend.

People get so frustrated becasue they don't get enough traffic and I ask, how may of the same people really work at "getting traffic". Are you using the tremendous tools that are available at no charge. SEO's charge big bucks to "guarantee" top listings and what tools do you think they may be using?

Go to to check out what your market looks like.


Patricia said...

Argh! My comment disappeared into cybervacuum.


Patricia said...

Well, so I tried the google trends and I lerned that beadweaving is not a searched keyword even though it is a subset of art jewelry.

I also saw this amazing exponential upswing for "etsy." And I was led to a very interesting article about making a living on etsy vs the latest philosophical upheavals there.

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